Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Somethings cooking in our kitchen, this coming 2 months we'll have some pretty big stuff happening.One of them will be the new EP from FINAL ATTACK. Their new EP will blow everyone's fukking mind.
FINAL ATTACK will also joining A BETTER HOPE FOUNDATION for their show at Malaysia's BRIDGING THE OCEANS show on the 13th of this month.So if you happen to be in Malaysia this week, check em out. Lots of bands on the bill. Locals and overseas.

BRAVExHEART first ever album CD will be available sometime this month, lots of kids been asking me about this one, soo wait no more the cd will drop pretty soon. get syke!
And a couple of other releases are in the work, we'll put up some more info once we know the exact date for those 2.

HARDFEST IV is coming up, you better start saving some money. I know for sure...bands that playing will have some merch for sale that day, there will be so many tshirts available you'll be like a kid going to a candy store...it'll be brilliant. I know the show is not entirely about that but fukk it we all know its the only way for kids to supporting the locals. Financially!! ...yeah it'll cost you to start a band..deal with it!

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