Friday, 29 June 2007

Kid Robot Hoodies

KR's new hoodies are available here.Couldnt come more better times for Sydney's weather at the cuteness.

as new as alife gets

These two ALIFE tees are out, both NYC and Vancouver store has them.Give em a call or email them, as usual they're taking overseas orders too.


Foot Patrol
x New Balance.Cant Wait.

Monday, 25 June 2007

The Hundreds x Reason NYC


Royalefam Dunk SB aka SBTG Dunk SB

This will drop later this week at selected shops only.My boy Ritchie of [an:other]" store here in Darlinghurst, Sydney apparently getting some pairs.Gave him a call earlier today, asked him whats up with the SBTG dunks hes getting.Basically its the same looking shoes except this time you'll be getting them in a different looking box plus a new color way laces and a pair of lace locks.And all that for 400 something bucks.Too bad i got no spare cash to burn..oh well, it is very unlikely i will cop a pair even if i have 400 something bucks to burn anyway.

oh..he's definitely indo

Franco Shade has just released their latest new line for summer.Fresh tees for sure but man i want that green hat.Flip it up!!!

i bet he's indo.....

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Actually...NOTORIOUS FAM S.2 is here!

well...sorta, a sneak peek of their S.2 Collection.The full line for their second season will drop at the same time as the Sydney swapmeet on July 15th.And a surprise collab tee which only a handful of them will be available at the swapmeet only.


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