Monday, 16 September 2013

Quick updates!

LOOSERZ the blood forever runs tape, is being repress as I'm typing this. The reason for this repress is to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the album. 100 tapes will be made with 1 extra song that wasn't on the original tape. The tapes will be exclusively distribute by KEOTIK KULTURE Dist. Or you can get it thru us

Also we're joining forces with Madafaka Records for BOUNCE BACK first ever proper release. Yup you guess it right, it will be on Cassette format. Bounce Back is a hard core punk band from Medan. Check out they're demo here:

Last but not least, and we are so fukkin sike about this. We're gonna press both EPs from VOLATILE SUBSTANCE as a single release on Firstnote Records. Who are they, you ask? Well I wouldn't to them justice if you expect me to write about them. Here a link of a review of one of their ep on

Written by Daniel Vandenberg
They definitely got “volatile” right. This latest offering from
Oakland, CA newcomers Volatile Substance – their second
since June – barely makes it past the five minute mark and
yet manages more caustic energy, aggression and balls-out
fury than the average hardcore band can muster up in four
times that length. Emergency Exit careens from a sludgy,
down-tempo opening that sounds like it’s constantly about
to fall in on itself, through some of the most frenetic, violent
hardcore that calls to mind the amphetamine aggression of
Youth Attack bands like Salvation and Charles Bronson,
building in intensity until it literally collapses into white
noise, the final repeating riff driving itself into your skull as
it is gradually consumed by cascading waves of distortion in
a borderline power electronics freakout. It’s a cliche that’s
been beaten to death, but Volatile Substance really do start
with everything at 10 and only turn it up from there, using
what most listeners would consider the absolute peak level
of intensity possible as their default ‘quiet’ mode, from
which they proceed to explode into realms of sonic violence
previously unheard of.
Jorge’s lyrics are suitably bleak and pissed off, although
you’ll never make them out, but that’s how we like it. His
final impassioned screams, as he and the rest of the band
are engulfed in absolute aural annihilation, sound like
exactly that – a man’s final dying screams, and it is moving,
chilling stuff.
Like the best volatile substances, Emergency Exit is fast,
furious and ends in complete destruction, and also like their
namesake, Volatile Substance leave you with an immediate
and burning need for more. You won’t even notice that this
release doesn’t even make the six minute mark because you
will have it on repeat, trust me.

Tell me you're not a bit intrigue by that review.


Quick updates!