Tuesday, 18 May 2010

FINAL ATTACK upcoming 2nd full length

So, Final Attack is currently working on the printing for their 2nd full length album. The artwork was done by Congkak Culas, and they also change the title from "Abandoned Houses" to "Action Speaks Louder", As they say it was taken by what has been happening in the local scene, where most band are trying really REALLY hard to get vote for cheesy "underground award". And so on, there are 10 tracks of pissed off hard and heavy music, Heavy like a dinosaurs and hard like a boner! And in those 10 tracks there are 1 cover song from Negative Approach...be on the look out for what track it could be.

And as for you record collecting junkie! errr...local record collecting junkie.
To encourage people to actually buy more records rather than just downloading them, Congkak Culas is collaborating with the almighty Uncle G for the 2nd version of the cover, this second version will only be sold on the awesome bundle package deal. only 50 of them will be released, the package deal contains the "Length Of Time" EP, the "Action Speaks Louder" album, a t-shirt, stickers, posters and have i mentioned that the cover will be entirely different from the normal cover? yes it is, it will be entirely different. need me to say it again?

so yeah check them soon, hopefully this May it will all be finished.